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Software for blind and partially-sighted people of all ages and abilities
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Touch-Typing Tutors

Azabat Software offers two different touch-typing tutors - a Beginners version and an Advanced version - which are available separately or bundled together. Multi-users packs are also available for site licensing.

Please note: A newer version of this programme has been released for electronic download, and we are working on making all our CD products available for download. Please follow this link for the new version.

Free Upgrade: If you buy, or have bought in the past, any Azabat product on CD we will happily upgrade you to the downloadable version of that product, as and when it becomes available.

Beginners Typing Tutor
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The beginners version is designed for people starting from scratch, with little or no experience of using a keyboard. It consists of 7 lessons (letter drills) and 7 exercises (word drills), starting with the letters A,S,D and F and building up to using all the letter and number keys. Each lesson has a corresponding exercise in which you practice by typing words based on the letters you have learned so far.

Activation Code (download): £ 30
Single user (CD): £ 30
4 user (CD): £ 89
10 user (CD): £ 199

Advanced Typing Tutor
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The advanced version is designed for people with some typing experience and covers a lot more ground. There are 5 sections to this programme. Section 1 covers the letter keys, section 2 covers capitals and punctuation, section 3 covers shortcuts and navigation keys, section 4 is an introduction to typing in Braille (grade 1) and section 5 has a collection of spelling tests.

Single user (CD): £ 30
4 user (CD): £ 89
10 user (CD): £ 199

Typing Tutor Collection There is also a bundled version, called the Azabat Typing-Tutor Collection, which simply contains one disk of each version and costs £50.

Single user: £ 50

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